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It is a commonly over looked fact that Industrial, commercial & fire doors must be regularly maintained. Not just to ensure they are working correctly and safely, but also to make sure you are meeting Health and Safety regulations.

When you take out a maintenance plan with lift west our highly qualified engineers many years’ of experience will come in handy with maintaining and repairing whichever door system you have. Our excellent range of stocked products will ensure there is no limit to the service we can provide.
We are difficult to beat for value across all new designs and installations and will always do our best to beat any previous quotes you may have had. Our knowledgeable, dedicated teams will work thoroughly with you to help ensure you receive the right product for you from the design stage to completion of installation.

Our engineers work in a range of different environments, from shops to factories, warehouses to hotels, and everything in between. We can quickly repair your door on-site so that it can run properly again.







Aluminium Shopfront Systems

Aluminium Curtain Walling Systems

Warehouse Solutions

Garage Doors


Sectional garage doors are one of the most popular and practical choices for style, safety, security and an easy to use and versatile garage door system. They open and close in individual panel sections, operating vertically without any swing out from the structural opening and tracking mechanism at all.

Up and Over

Up and Over garage doors are by far the most common garage door type within the UK still today. Their simple one piece panel construction makes them very easy to use and provide both a low-effort and zero hassle operation. There are Up and Over, Canopy Up and Over and Retractable Up and Over.


The roller shutter garage door is one of the neatest garage door solutions available with vertical operation and no internal tracking mechanism into your garage at all. This provides you with more room on your driveway for parking and the option for additional storage space above as the door rolls into itself.

Side Opening 

Because the door opens to the side, you can use the entire ceiling of the garage, for example, to store surfboards or canoes. Thanks to its unique design, the side sliding sectional door can also be used in difficult fitting situations with sloped roofs.

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Your new entrance door should be very special. It should match the style of your home and be prestigious, expressing your good taste. Do you also want an entrance door that meets high security standards and helps save energy with high thermal insulation values? Your ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon aluminium entrance doors can be fitted out individually according to your desires.

Steel Entrance Doors

Hörmann steel ThermoPro doors for main and side entrances are available in a large selection of styles. Thanks to standard multiple-point locking, these inexpensive doors give you a feeling of security, save energy through excellent thermal insulation and are a beautiful "visiting card" for your home.

Commercial Doors

Found in all types of applications including shops, banks & offices commercial doors offer a reliable and impressive entrance into any business.


Lift West Doors can supply and install automatic sliding door systems. As with all our installations we only use market leading manufacturers and offer a 2-year warranty on the installation.
We fit our operators to existing screen work or can Retro fit existing head units if required enabling us to be able to offer alternative solutions to any problem that may arise.

Automatic Swing

Lift West Doors can supply, manufacture and install whole door systems to include frames, glass, pocket screens and barriers as required with electrically operated closers. Alternatively, we can install electrically operated closers to existing manual swing door sets offering many options such as low energy operators to ensure safety in all settings. Using only market leading manufacturers, we offer a 2-year warranty on all installations. Automating using sensors or push pads to ensure your doors meet current safety standards.

Low Energy Swing

Lift West Doors can supply and install electric operators to manual swing door sets ensuring your entrance is DDA compliant.
As with our automatic entrance systems , we use market leading manufacturers and offer a 2 year warranty on all installs.

Industrial Doors

At lift west we offer a wide range of industrial doors to meet your requirements.

We are always open to a new challenge so if you have something different in mind please let us know and we will do our best to meet your criteria.

High Speed Spiral

High speed doors optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. With the ability to close your door rapidly, you can minimise the temperature fluctuations which will inevitably result from having an open gap between one area and another – this is true whether you want to keep the area in question cold or warm as these doors can be installed interior or exterior. We can offer various options such as spiral or PVC depending on your requirements.

Roller SHutter

Thanks to their ingeniously simple construction, with just a few components, roller shutters are especially economical and cost effective. Available in aluminium and steel, with a variety of specification options, they are doors that will prove themselves in daily use again and again.


These doors open vertically therefore creating more space in front of and behind the door. The door sections are parked flat underneath the ceiling, vertically above the opening or in line with the roof. This door type is made of steel, steel/aluminium combination or aluminium with top door design and certified security.

High Speed PVC

Hörmann high speed doors are used inside and outside. High speed doors optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. With the ability to close your door rapidly, you can minimise the temperature fluctuations which inevitably result from having an open gap between one area and another – this is true whether you want to keep the area in question cold or warm.


We can supply & install a variety of types of door entry systems, keypads & card reader systems as well as a large selection of software and readers. We specialise in Paxton systems to ensure customers are operating a high performing, reliable system.

We can offer the best type of door entry for you whether it be an audio or visual system, GSM system or post operation. Our engineers will discuss your requirements and determine the most suitable system for you.


We supply, install & maintain the CCTV option to suit your environment. We offer a varied selection such as vandal resistant mini domes, wireless wi-fi cameras, day/night bullet cameras with varifocal auto focus lenses to ensure your property is safe at all times. We supply & install monitors & recording equipment so you can view your property at the touch of a button. These systems are easy to use reducing training time whilst also being compatible with mobile devices to use on the go.

We can offer features to suit you such as motion detectors – streaming an image to your device when activity is detected. Cameras have night vision and we can offer a two way intercom with noise cancellation. Our cameras are full HD resolution

Our fast response times mean we can get you back up and running swiftly should a fault occur as well as offering yearly maintenance to prevent issues. We can also upgrade existing systems to improve performance and range. We offer the flexibility to tailor our systems to any sized project as well as leaving you with the option to expand as required.

Aluminium Door & Window Systems

At lift west we have heavily invested in specialised machinery & stock to enable our skilled engineers to manufacture aluminium systems to your specification at our Somerset site.

Our sales will discuss and draw a specific system to meet your requirements which will then be manufactured at lift west and installed but our qualified engineers so we can offer a ‘one stop shop’. By having an in house manufacturing centre we can significantly reduce costs and offer a quick turn around from design to installation.

Lift west offer a wide range from patio or bi fold systems for the home to full shopfront or partitioning systems for commercial use. All our thermally broken window systems offer open out or in, tilt turn options as well as U values to meet your specification.


We can offer a variety of designs for curtain walling to ensure your rooms have maximum natural light as well as an impressive appearance. We can offer endless design freedom to meet your insulation, glazing, security and fireproofing requirements. Our system offers a high performance and robust yet functional option for any building project while meeting current standards.

Our systems are manufactured at lift west allowed us to be cost efficient while providing a consistently high quality product meeting building regulations and design specification. These systems provide strong acoustic performance and improved weather performance.

Fire Doors

If you have an industrial or commercial fire door on your premises, you have already taken steps to ensure safety of those around you in the likelihood of a fire. A fire door can prevent fire from spreading from room to room, which can greatly improve the chances of stopping the fire in its tracks and preventing further damage.

However, failing to maintain or repair any fire door could render it useless and the consequences of this could be catastrophic. As well as possible invalidating your premises insurance by failing to maintain your fire doors.

To ensure that you are fully compliant with recent legislation and fire regs, you should ensure that your fire doors are properly maintained and repaired. Lift West door department can provide a professional service with the proper maintenance and repair of any commercial or industrial fire doors on your property.

The certified and professional engineers at Lift West have worked for many years to maintain and repair all kinds of doors for commercial and industrial properties and sites, including fire doors. We can regularly visit your property to inspect the fire doors and identify any repairs which need to be made giving you peace of mind as a business owner, knowing that your industrial fire doors are fully compliant and safe in the event of an emergency.

Door Maintenance

At Lift West, we have a team of engineers with many years’ experience in maintaining and repairing a range of different door systems.

If you fail to maintain and repair your commercial doors, you could be in breach of your responsibilities as an employer for not providing a safe working environment to your employees and visitors; you can also invalidate your premises insurance.

Although many doors are robust and can withstand constant use, every day wear and tear could cause you to have a problem with your door. However minor this problem may be, repairing it quickly is important to prevent further damage.

Our engineers have worked in a range of different environments, from shops to factories, warehouses to hotels, and everything in between. We can quickly repair your door on-site so that it can run properly again.

Our parts department have the ability to source and supply parts for all types of commercial & industrial doors in the shortest possible time. 

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