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National Hire Number 01460 242400
National Hire Number 01460 242400

Tracking and telematics

Real time tracking, with customer log in access to enable milestone updates, document downloads and comprehensive visibility to extend beyond the delivery of your stock.

What We offer

We offer a variety of Asset Tracking and Full Vehicle Telematics for you to help monitor and stay on-top of where your deliveries are. With Asset Tracking, we cover live or daily feeds for up to 5 years on a choice of stand alone non wired devices. On Full Vehicle Telematics, we cover live position tracking, vehicle and user status which supplies a host of reports, alerts and reminders.

Reports, Alerts and Reminders


Live location
Historical location
Over speed
GPS journey
Business/private use
Driver ID User
Driver Score
Driver Risk
PTO usage
Video download
Tacho Download/Status/Daily
Carbon Foot print
Fleet heath check
Excessive idle
Fuel usage


Crash (FNOL)
Seat belt
Attempted starts
Safety check dates
Battery voltage
Battery Disconnect
Worker down

HGV Tacho Download/Status/Daily

Tacho Download – Automatic scheduled tacho downloads remote from HGV to clients tacho analytic company and Ministry.

Live Tacho Status – showing driver ID, current tacho operational state and advanced warnings of possible time infringements.

Live Tacho Daily Scheduling – showing used up drive time, next break time and time left on the day for efficient fleet management

Access Control

Key Pad/Dallas fobs/RF cards/RF stickers with full User controlled permissions to remote controlled immobilisation(Non-Start) paired to the authorised vehicle operators license status.

Live ‘Compliance’ and vehicle checks

Using the Liftwest Compliance App a driver can regularly record/photo/add text on the vehicles condition for daily compliance, this is then logged and displayed on the fleet management portal highlighting the vehicles live safety status.

This App can also be linked back to a service/repair agent, before any service or repair, to assist the repairer having all parts required and be full knowledge ready reducing down time and call out costs

Camera Recording

Incident Cameras (FNOL)

In the event of a vehicle collision, harsh braking, harsh cornering or driver panic button depress, video footage is automatically streamed via 3G/4G from the vehicle to the Users portal. NO MEMORY CARDS REQUIRED leaving no opportunity for missing or corrupted SD cards - For non-incident video, there is a historic search feature to view all recorded footage for a circa 80 Hours of past driving. Simply enter the date and time against the vehicle and click “Request” to remotely stream the requested video from the vehicle. All live downloaded videos are kept for 10 years on the portal.

Live streaming cameras with event DVR – Multiple cameras internal and external including IR

Portals and Access

Viewable/remotely activated through any PC/smart device.

GDPR compliant and globally secure

10 year data storage

API Compatible with internal platforms and fuel cards etc

Fleet Management

The Lift West GPS telematics solution provides you with the following key performance indicator reports


More client visits per day.
Client service levels.
Team utilisation.
Right dispatch first time.
Call handling efficiency.
Prompt appointments.
Working time directive compliance.
Operational efficiency.


Fuel costs.
Overtime payments.
Person downtime.
Insurance premiums.
Communication costs.
aSecond visits.

Lift West GPS Telematics Benefits

Employee timesheet for the day/week/month showing time started/finished/driving and allowing the company to ensure working time directive compliance.
Idling time by employee.
Driving time by employee.
Over speed by employee.
Time on site by employee.

Mobile assets management SAVINGS

15% more customer visits per day.
10% fuel saving.
30% reduction in overtime.
10% reduction in insurance premiums.
30% reduction in second visits.


Our fleet of vehicles has been purpose built to transport all types of materials handling equipment up to 24 tons.

Based from our Somerset head office, our transport fleet can move equipment all over the UK, short or long haul.

With qualified & experienced haulage drivers your equipment is in the safest hands possible, from collection to delivery, our staff have everything covered.


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