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Forklift servicing and maintenance

Lift West is dedicated to keeping you on the move...every hour of the day, every day of the year.

At Lift West we pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled level of service & breakdown support to our customers, wherever they are in the UK.

Properly serviced and maintained equipment lasts longer, performs better and is less likely to suffer unexpected downtime

When your materials handling equipment breaks down, so does your business, correct maintenance of your equipment will help to reduce the chances of this happening. When it does happen though, you need to know that your material handling service provider has the experience, expertise & facilities to get your business functioning again in the shortest possible time.

Our dedicated service department controls our mobile engineering staff from our head office in Somerset, using the latest vehicle tracking & PDA technology to respond to our customer's needs in the most timely & efficient way possible.

Lift west gives you

Over 40 qualified & experienced engineers.

Fast, local repair and maintenance for all makes of materials handling equipment UK wide. (on site in less than 4 hours)

Co-ordinated servicing for single trucks, larger fleets and multi-site locations, controlled by our service department based at our Somerset head office.

Immediate availability of genuine Manufacturer parts for all makes, with guaranteed next-day delivery of most non-stocked items.

Technical support department.

Over 30 mobile engineers covering the whole of the UK mainland.

What Lift West Covers

Fast Breakdown Service

Servicing & Maintenance

Forklift Examinations


Our fast breakdown service

In the event of your forklift truck breaking down, it is important to know that there are professional and reliable engineers ready to repair it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We understand that a forklift breaking down on your site can mean your business quickly grinding to a halt.

As a customer focused company, we always take our clients’ safety and productivity incredibly seriously.

No matter the make or model of your materials handling equipment, Lift West have fully qualified & experienced engineers who can repair it.

By taking advantage of our emergency breakdown service, you can be sure of safe, efficient and fully operational fork lift trucks at all times.

With over 40 qualified & experienced forklift engineers covering the whole of the UK, the Lift West service department can respond to your emergency in the shortest possible time.

Using the latest vehicle tracking & mobile PDA technology, our dedicated service controllers are able to route and track the nearest engineer to your site anywhere in the UK in less than 4 hours. 

Not at all. No matter where, or from who you bought your equipment. Lift West guarantee the same high standard of customer breakdown support to everyone, anywhere.

Whatever the time of day or night, our qualified, experienced and friendly engineers can visit your premises and carry out the repairs so that your machine is fully functional and operational as soon as possible.

Servicing & Maintenance

A well serviced & maintained machine is more productive & less likely to breakdown

Based from our Somerset Head Office, the Lift West service team are able to help you manage the maintenance of your materials handling fleet.

Using our unique service schedule database, your equipment's maintenance will be run by our dedicated service team.

When your materials handling equipment's service or thorough examination is due, our service controllers will contact you to arrange a suitable time when our engineer can carry out the maintenance task.

Once the task is complete our engineer will remotely update your equipment's schedule using the latest mobile PDA technology, making sure that your equipment's maintenance record is always current.

No matter the make or model of your materials handling equipment Lift West have qualified & experienced engineers who can carry out the servicing.

Fork Lift Thorough Examinations

If you own or operate a fork lift truck, you are required by law to ensure that it holds a report of Thorough Examination. This applies equally to trucks on hire.

Failure to comply can leave you open to prosecution and could invalidate your insurance… or much worse in the case of a serious accident arising from faulty equipment.

A Thorough Examination is like an MOT for a car. It is a detailed inspection of all the safety related parts of a fork lift truck. In many ways it is more complex than the MOT for a car. In addition to the brakes, steering, tyres etc. being checked under PUWER 98 all the lifting components, hydraulics, chains, forks etc. are inspected in accordance with LOLER 98.

The regulations apply to fork lift trucks that are one year old. From the one year point onwards a Thorough Examination is required at least once every 12 months. In some instances a truck will need to have a Thorough Examination more frequently. If you are in doubt check this with your truck supplier or maintenance provider.

Just like an MOT for a car a Thorough Examination is not part of the maintenance process. It must be carried out and reported on separately from routine maintenance.

Generally speaking the employer of the operator of the fork lift truck (the owner or user) is responsible for ensuring that Thorough Examinations are carried out on time by a Competent Person. Records must be kept.

What is inspected as part of a Thorough Examination?

A Thorough Examination is the inspection of lifting equipment, as required by LOLER 98, and other safety related components or equipment, as required by PUWER 98. A Competent Person is required to examine these items, check them for serviceability
and report accordingly. It is not a full maintenance inspection of the truck. A Thorough Examination is substantially different from a maintenance inspection and the Competent Person has different duties to fulfill under the law.

Although a Thorough Examination covers both regulations, it is a single examination.

Who can carry out Thorough Examinations?

The LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 regulations simply require that a Thorough Examination is carried out by a Competent Person. As a practical guide the following are likely to be able to carry out a Thorough Examination on a fork lift truck:

An experienced fork lift truck engineer
A specialist inspector working for an insurance company or equipment inspection company
It is worth noting that an “insurance inspection” is not necessarily a Thorough Examination and if you rely on such inspections you should make sure you receive a document headed “Report of Thorough Examination”.

How often does my equipment need a Thorough Examination?

The regulations require routine Thorough Examination on a periodic basis.

These guidelines have been issued to HSE Inspectors. There is also a requirement to have a Thorough Examination if the fork lift truck has been involved in a major incident or if it has had significant repairs or renovation.

Download guidelines

What if my Equipment fails it's Thorough Examination?

If there are no defects then the fork lift truck can continue in use.

With defects that do not create imminent risk a timescale may be given within which the faults must be rectified. The defects must be rectified within this period, but meanwhile the equipment may continue in use. Alternatively, the equipment may be taken out of use until the faults have been rectified. 

Where there is a defect that could imminently be of danger to persons, the Competent Person may recommend that the equipment cannot be used until the fault has been rectified. In these circumstances the equipment must be taken out of use immediately. It may not be used again until the defect has been rectified.

What about my Hand Pallet Trucks?

Hand pallet trucks and low lift trucks (i.e. non-stacking powered trucks with forks or a load platform that lifts up to 500mm from the ground, including those with an operator platform that elevates up to 900mm from the ground) do not require Thorough Examination.

However, in order to comply with PUWER 98, these types of equipment still require a formal safety inspection at least once per year. The results of such inspections should be recorded and records retained for future reference. There is no set format for such records and the standard inspection sheet used by a fork truck maintenance company should be quite adequate. It would not be wrong to use a Report of Thorough Examination if nothing else suitable was available.

Fleet Management

The Lift West fleet management system is a web based solution suitable for personal or company cars, vans, trucks, forklifts & plant equipment. Using the latest mapping, that is now worldwide and includes satellite and street-view capabilities, along with a full multi-lingual capability, this platform is now truly global, operating in any country, in any language.

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