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TCM Platform Pallet Mover


Available in 2000kg & 2500kg model variations

Stand-on, low-lift pallet transporter for medium to long distance travel, loading and unloading transport using dock levelers and occasional low level order picking.

Robust chassis construction for medium to high intensity operations. 

Two models - 2000 kg and 2500 kg lift capacity, with batteries from 200 to 400 Ah for the 2000 kg version and 300 to 600 Ah for the 2500 kg model.

Power assisted tiller arm standard on 2500 kg model. 

AC technology provides total control, with TCM Forklift’s NTC truck computer for diagnostics and a host of features to increase safety and productivity.

Available in various fork specifications to suit any pallet

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  • PTM200
  • Brand: TCM
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 0mm
  • Unladen Weight: 860kg
  • Width: 770mm
  • Overall Length: 1750mm
  • Smallest practical stacking aisle 1000mm Load: 2000mm
  • Delivery time: 10-12 weeks
Pramac GS/P Weigh ScalePramac GS/P Weigh Scale
  • Brand:
  • Model: GS/P (Display only)
  • Fuel: 6
  • Capacity: Kg
  • Hours: NEW
  • Lift Height: 115mm
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