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TCM 2000kg Reach Truck


For the development of the RT Series, numerous truck operators and logistic managers have been interviewed. Scientific studies have been performed regarding truck ergonomics and repetitive straininjuries.

Together with our customers the truck has been fine-tuned in the toughest applications.

As a result, the TCM RT Series offers industry leading operator comfort and safety.For example, the hands free direction control and optimal placement of the LCD display, keyboard and optional writing desk, all contribute to a relaxed working space resulting in a productive operator.

The RT Series safety package is based on TCM’s RRS (Risk Reduction System) and makes a major contribution to the operator’s safety: Stability Support System (S3), Excellent all round visibility, Automatic parking brake, Mast Lock System, Impact sensors (optional) and Active Spin Reduction (optional). The Active Spin Reduction will sense when the drive wheel is slipping over a wet surface and will reduce the acceleration of the wheel accordingly to regain grip. As a result, the operation can continue safely and wheel wear is reduced.

Available with lift heights from 4800mm to 8950mm

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  • RTM200
  • Brand: TCM
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 8950mm
  • Height of Overhead Guard: 2205mm
  • Unladen Weight: 4250kg
  • Width: 1397mm
  • Smallest practical stacking aisle 1000mm Load: 2550mm
  • Delivery time: 14-16 weeks
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