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Ausa 'Taurulift' T235 H


AUSA Taurulift T 235 H.

The most compact and low maintenance telescopic concept in its class, suitable for cargo handling in tight spaces and rough terrain. Capable of raising loads of 2,300 kg up to 4 m and 1800 kg up to 5 meters, and frontally placed 890 kg load at a distance of 2.9 m.

The most compact 2.3 tons telescopic with lateral arm and posterior counterweight that allows for the best load-weight and load-size ratios of its category.

The T 235 H has a 36.5 kW Kubota engine combined with a hydrostatic transmission and a full control joystick with integrated inverter that allows intuitive driving on rough terrain.

An advanced cab allows excellent 360º visibility.

Easy maintenance due to the tilting cab, exclusive by AUSA that offers excellent access for periodic maintenance.

Off-road capability is achieved with permanent 4WD with a limited slip differential on front axle combined with the greater ground clearance in its class.

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  • T235 H
  • Brand: Ausa
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Capacity: 2300Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 5000mm
  • Height of Overhead Guard: 2070mm
  • Unladen Weight: 4700kg
  • Overall Length: 3680mm
  • Width: 1705mm
  • Delivery time: 6-10 weeks
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