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Hand Pallet Truck Service Voucher

£35.00 +VAT (£42.00)


All you need is your unique Voucher number

Once you have purchased this voucher please contact us to book your hand pallet truck in for its annual service.

You will have 12 months to redeem the voucher before it expires.

This voucher is valid for one full service, but excludes replacement parts. 

Once purchased you will receive the Voucher via email.

Why Do I Need to Service My Hand Pallet Truck?

Properly serviced and maintained equipment lasts longer, performs better and is less likely to suffer unexpected downtime.

When your materials handling equipment breaks down, so does your business, correct maintenance of your equipment will help to reduce the chances of this happening. When it does happen though, you need to know that your material handling service provider has the experience, expertise & facilities to get your business functioning again in the shortest possible time.

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The GS series is a suitable practical solution meeting all the needs of manual handling.

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