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Dulevo 2000 Sky


The brand new Dulevo model 2000 SKY appears on the market as a generous machine with extraordinary features - resourceful, versatile and compact-scaled. Very manoeuvrable and fast, 2000 SKY represents the ideal solution for the sweeping of congested areas, difficult to access, such as cycle tracks, sidewalks, pedestrian and parking areas.
A MODERN, ECOLOGICAL MACHINE The 2000 SKY suction sweeper has been designed and produced according to the most modern design concepts, its ergonomic and has a small impact on the environment both for the reduced use of water and for the emission of dusts and noise. The new 2000 SKY conceals some brilliant solutions coupled with the most modern technologies, the application of the best components production to be found on the market and the proverbial simplicity of the Dulevo products.
LEAN AND FAST, READY TO DEAL WITH ALL SORTS OF SITUATIONS Dulevo 2000 Sky has the extraordinary capacity to go on and off all kinds of sidewalks thanks to the huge scale of the pneumatics, the presence of an extremely efficient suspension system and the considerable distance of the main body from the ground, which allows the machine to surmount steps and considerable hummocks. And obviously, all this in maximum safety. Fast machine with central motor, completely safe from the dust and positioned so as to allow a state-of-the-art disposition of the cooling radiators, along with a seamless distribution of the weights and a balance that fears no comparison, in any given situation. Endowed with a high performance braking system, it features the highest standards as far as safety is concerned in respect to both active and passive canons. Its a strong machine, with a high-resistance tubular steel chassis, complete with safety belts, very wide electronically-activated rear-view mirrors and rear parking sensors; just try and seat inside - you will soon notice the difference. The suction turbine, especially sound-insulated and positioned underneath the refuse container, has expressly been designed in order to develop a strong depression also at low labor regimes. This way, it allows an unexpected sweeping performance, thanks also to the revolutionary new suction inlet. Also, the 4 steering wheels, the operation width up to 2,700 mm, the hydro-accessible collection container in INOX steel with its volume of 2 m3, as much as the optional accessories for the winter maintenance, they all guarantee a 360 management of the needs of municipalities as well as public and private companies throughout the whole year.
THE OPERATOR AT THE CENTER OF OUR ATTENTION Thanks to the very reduced external scale, the 2000 SKY is truly capable of accessing all kinds of areas: It can easily sweep both basement and outdoor parking lots, it moves under platform roofs and signs, all this with ergonomics as its main foundation. Designed on a solid chassis endowed with parabolic leaf springs, both rear and front shock-absorbers, and a hyper-sprung cabin, the sweeping operations are extremely easy and intuitive because the passenger compartment is comfortable, safe, and above-all soundless. In fact, the fundamental idea of 2000 SKY revolves around the operator, around his comfort, with utmost attention also to the smallest details which can make the working shift less heavy, and lighten the many driving hours that the sweeping professionals around the world spend inside this small, yet grand machine, as in all the Dulevo machines, even at the most improbable hour.
THE CABIN: A CONFORTABLE WINDOW ON THE WORLD The cabin, with two symmetrical seats and especially sound-insulated, is equipped with a steering column, adjustable both in height and in inclination, a steering anti-stress knob, standard air-conditioning, standard electrical mirrors, radio with iPOD inlet and universal socket to recharge all kinds of devices. The wide glass surfaces and the perfect positioning of the components within the cabin allow a seamless visibility for the operator, during both the transfer and the sweeping phase; all the organs operated during the latter phase, such as suction inlet and side brushes, are immediately visible and can be activated by means of a comfortable adjustable side arm-rest. Independent control joystick for each brush, easy, intuitive and positioned so as to be extremely comfortable to use. 
EASY, AS DULEVO LIKES IT Simple and entirely hydro-operated, 2000 SKY is a machine which presents no electronic component, but all functions are activated through electrical and hydraulic circuits, easy to be identified, and through immediately accessible components, side and rear hinged panels, an intelligent layout and a completely tip-up cabin, all this combined to make this machine easy to maintain and repair, at every latitude.
SOUNDLESS, AS THE CITY LIKES IT Powerful and soundless, the sweeper 2000 SKY can be operated at any time during night and day, sweeping, damping and suctioning with maximum respect for the resting person. The great power of its standard turbo-compressed and tropicalized 72-Kw VM motor is an incredible mixture which allows an efficient sweeping at extremely reduced regimes and expenditures. 

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  • 2000 Sky
  • Brand: Dulevo
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Capacity: 1500Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 0mm
  • Sweep Width: 3000mm
  • Waste Hopper Capacity: 2000l
  • Water Tank Volume: 400l
  • Maximum Ground Speed: 40km/h
  • Unladen Weight: 3500kg
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