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Non-Sideshifting Pallet Handler


Single/double pallet handler for handling one or two pallets.

These models offer the possibility to lift pallets on both sides, either singly or two at a time.

Excellent visibility through the body.

Synchronized fork movement with flow divider valve.

Gas-spring operated inner fork positioning.

Incorporated load back rests.

Self-lubricating polyamide sideshift bearing pads.

Bolt-on forks with specially reinforced heel area.

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  • DA Range
  • Brand: Bolzoni Auramo
  • Fuel: Hydraulic Attachment
  • Capacity: 0Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 0mm
  • Lift Capacity: 1800kg-3500kg
  • Opening Range: 550mm-1930mm
  • Minimum Carriage Width: 650mm-690mm
  • Unladen Weight: 563mm-635mm
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