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Hako Citymaster 300


Ideal for use in retail parks and shopping precincts, the Citymaster 300 offers more sweeping with less transit time. 

Extremely manoeuvrable as a result of the new damped articulated steering. Safe driving without swaying motion even in tricky applications.
  • Very manoeuvrable thanks to articulated steering principle.
  • High operator comfort, spacious driver's cabin.
  • Unique roll-on/roll-off disposal concept, unbeaten flexibility of adaptation to customer's logistic requirements.
  • High productivity due to intelligent dirt disposal system, fewer transport times.
  • Very strong and robust design for tough working conditions, thoroughly tested.
  • High vacuum power thanks to turbo-jet-principle.
  • Dust-free sweeping due to filter system allows use in pedestrian traffic at daytime.
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  • Citymaster 300
  • Brand: Hako
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Capacity: 0Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 0mm
  • Overall Length: 3150mm
  • Width: 1110mm
  • Working Height: 1980mm
  • Unladen Weight: 1420kg
  • Solution Tank Size: 150L
  • Recovery Tank Size: 240L
  • Max Sweeping Width: 1600mm
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Ideal for cleaning company floors and grounds.

Available in pedestrian and ride-on models

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