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TCM High-level order pickers


High Level Order Picker

TCM's range of high and multi-level order pickers extends to lift height of nearly 10 metres. Mast and chassis design together with a wide wheelbase offers exceptional stability and safety for operating at these extreme picking heights.

Modular construction and a massive range of options enables each truck to be tailored precisely to the materials handling requirement of the operation.

Operator confidence is guaranteed at every level. The cab has a low step and cushioned floor for total comfort, while controls are easily accessible to assist productivity.
A unique performance system based on robust design and construction adds to the trucks’ output, providing full speed lift and full load to full height.

Uptime is further enhanced through the trucks’ service-friendly design. Easy access to wearing parts and components reduces
maintenance to a minimum.

There are a number of models for various applications:

  • HOM with a maximum platform height of 2.9 metres

  • HOH with a maximum platform height of 5.5 metres

  • HOC with a maximum platform height of 6.2 metres

  • HOS with a maximum platform height of 8.25 meters

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  • HO
  • Brand: TCM
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Capacity: 1000Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 8250mm
  • Overall Length: 2040mm
  • Width: 1070mm
Narrow Aisle Flexi G4Narrow Aisle Flexi G4
  • Brand:
  • Model: Flexi G4
  • Fuel: 2
  • Capacity: Kg
  • Hours:
  • Lift Height: 12000mm
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Pramac Lifter 'GX' 12/25Pramac Lifter 'GX' 12/25
  • Brand:
  • Model:
  • Fuel:
  • Capacity: Kg
  • Hours:
  • Lift Height: mm
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TCM 2000kg Reach TruckTCM 2000kg Reach Truck
  • Brand:
  • Model: RTH200
  • Fuel: 2
  • Capacity: Kg
  • Hours:
  • Lift Height: 11500mm
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