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TCM Sit-on Pallet Stacker


A range of sit-on rider-stacker trucks ideal for longer distance travel, loading and unloading from ground level, internal transfer and stacking up to 6.75 metres (senior model).

These models are fast, stable and highly compact. As the operator is housed within the truck, they are also extremely space efficient and able to work in extremely limited stacking aisles. 

Large battery capacity enables these powerful vehicles to work easily through a shift, with ergonomically designed controls for maximum operator comfort and specially shaped narrow forks for precise and rapid pallet entry.

The AC motor offers powerful acceleration with almost 100 per cent top speed capability when travelling fully laden. Operation is silent, with regenerative braking adding to the truck’s uptime.

Available in various fork specifications

Lift heights between 2900mm & 6750mm

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  • SSO
  • Brand: TCM
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Hours: New
  • Lift Height: 6750mm
  • Height of Overhead Guard: 2110mm
  • Unladen Weight: 2090kg
  • Overall Length: 2192mm
  • Width: 1010mm
Rotating Fork PositionerRotating Fork Positioner
  • Brand:
  • Model: RP40
  • Fuel: 8
  • Capacity: Kg
  • Hours:
  • Lift Height: 0mm
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Pramac GS/P Weigh ScalePramac GS/P Weigh Scale
  • Brand:
  • Model: GS/P (Display only)
  • Fuel: 6
  • Capacity: Kg
  • Hours: NEW
  • Lift Height: 115mm
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TCM 2500kg Electric CounterbalanceTCM 2500kg Electric Counterbalance
  • Brand:
  • Model: FHB25-E1
  • Fuel: 2
  • Capacity: Kg
  • Hours:
  • Lift Height: 7000mm
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